Preparation Tips To Crack CBSE 12 Class Exams 2018

Preparation Tips & Tricks  for students appearing in CBSE 12th class exam 2018 of all subjects irrespective of your Stream you are in. CBSE 12th class board exams are always important for everyone, these board exam are not of students alone but also hectic for your parents as well. These Tips can surely help you to implement your more than 100% in CBSE 12th board exams 2018.  Just remember one thing don’t ever rely on cramming topics, its better to clear your basics rather then cramming.Tips for cbse 12th class 2018, cbse board exam cracking tips, Crack CBSE 12 Class Exams 2018

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CBSE exams are always the most easiest as ever and cracking it with blushing colors is never a big deal for students. Real potential of students can easily been reflected in these exams as NCERT Text books usually provide allot simple standards then any other board.

Preparation Tips for CBSE 12th Class :-

Tips & Tricks can prove to be very handy in students life most importantly in CBSE 12th class exams 2018 when most of Students feel down and was feeling low in confidence, that time these Tips can surely make a way out and help you filled with lot of confidence to be focus on your Goal and score maximum marks in Final board exams.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Students :-

  • Confidence : It is most important and must have Thing in every student if He/She wishes to score maximum in CBSE Board exams 2018.  Confidence always makes to feel like over the world and provide you the strength to do anything , So always be filled with confidence and feel like you can definitely Do that and achieve maximum marks in Exams.
  • If students are rich with time then they should cover those chapters in which they are feeling not comfortable and feeling low in confidence.
  • Students must take unit test exams or monthly school exam seriously so, you feel like prepared before the Final exams and you will be in less stress of covering syllabus well within time.
  • After preparing well try to revise each and every topic twice and thrice so that those topics will last long in your mind and you feel confident on that topics.

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  • Students should know the important chapter who has the maximum weight-age of marks and try to do it First.
  • Never try to cover whole syllabus by cramming , This won’t help in any way instead it will make you feel stress and forgetting things in exams. so, Try to learn properly and not by memorizing each and every thing.
  • If you have not completed all the syllabus well within time then you should leave the Next Topics and try to revise the topics you have learned earlier, It will help you build your confidence.
  • At Last,  Never try to discuss question which you have left with anyone (Friends, mates etc ) , just be in yourself and try to keep your mind cool and calm and prepared well before exams.

These are preparation tips for CBSE 12th Class board exams 2018 to get better marks in 12th class board exam 2018. Just implement these preparation tips in your studies and you will automatically feel the change.

17 thoughts on “Preparation Tips To Crack CBSE 12 Class Exams 2018

  1. Well i have a problem… my theory part of any subject is easy for me to learn and i easily score good in theory bt on the other hand the numerical or derivations part are like devil for me because i forget that ol in xamination hall..what to do?

    1. everyone has problems in these things, you just need to practice it hard. Try to solve as many as possible numericals and derivations again and again, then you will surely see the difference soon

  2. hi,sir i am pooja patil ,i want help my board exam have remain 1and half month so i want help bec i dont remember physics concept so what i do can u tell easy to way i remember all concept

  3. hi sir
    i am a student of class 12 pcb . July is going to start and i haven’t started studying yet but i have joined tutions a week earlier.
    i am very nervous about how to work out next.
    plz help me and suggest me what should i do.

  4. Hello sir ,
    Mere physics me ques. Solve nhi ho pata jb bhi le ke solve krne jate h to kuch aata hi nhi h samajh me lgta h ki sb bhul gae jbki physics ka theory portion ache ho ho jata h math wale student ka physics acha hota h but mera to bhut kharab h plzz help me sir……

  5. Initially read the entire book, all chapters, without trying to memorize anything, only focus on understanding.- Keep 3 separate quick revision lists with you, one for important formulae, one for all the derivations and one for important definitions. – Also revise graphs and specially diagrams.- Understand applications of the various concepts, if there are any doubts clear them with a teacher as soon as possible. After understanding from a teacher write about what you have understood. – Read through your quick revision lists as often as possible.- Complete ALL questions from NCERT, both solved and unsolved as majority of CBSE exam is based on NCERT books.- Be meticulous in answering questions, correct S.I. Units and other details are very important and you may lose marks on an otherwise correct question if you miss the minor details. – Practice numerical questions in addition to theory questions.- Create a study schedule focusing on topics which have more weightage and those that you are weak in. However don’t forget to devote time to those topics you are comfortable in.- Try to start your studying by revising a topic you are comfortable in. The confidence will help boost your stamina in studying the difficult topics. – Attempt sample papers/previous year papers to be able to identify trends and your weak points. – Practice writing questions point-wise to score more during your exam. – After finding your weak areas, focus on mastering them.- Read and understand the concept before trying to answer questions. – Revise the syllabus at least twice.- Practice previous 10 year papers. – Improve your speed in answering papers by trying to complete them within the time frame you will have available at the examination.

    Physics can be mastered with hard work and patience. Remember to revise, revise and revise!

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