Top Tips to Score Highest Marks in 12th Board Exams

Top Tips to Score highest Marks in 12th board exam for students who are appearing in 12th class, surely this gonna help a lot in a long run for many students who wish to be successful in there future with the great result & to be in the merit of colleges cut off. Students always want to know that ‘How to get Top marks in 12 board exams‘ and be a topper in the entire class. So you will get the best of those tips here only.

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There we are having most basic tips to follow up to be successful in the board exams which is always taken as critical exams for any student in his/her life. Tips to score highest marks will surely push your moral as well as the confidence to score maximum out off which you are desiring to score.

Top Tips to Score Highest Marks:-

you will surely Feel helped with these TOP TIPS TO SCORE HIGHEST MARKS in our +2 exam so, checkout and imply these tips in your exams.

  • Always feel Positive:-

A positive attitude is a key to solve many of the problems which you face in your life, During exam time this is an important feature to have in you for success & Crack your exams with blushing colors. Attitude is the main for all the students because it reflects your personality as well as your confidence or self-confidence we always make you at the top of everything whether It is for exams or interviews or for your Life.

A positive attitude will make you through to the door of success and make you feel full of self-confidence.

  • Plan well for studying:-

You must make a schedule for your studies followed by strict implementation of that schedule. make that schedule dealing with days or even with hours when your exams are really closed or it is high time for you in an exam.

You should Interact with your teachers for the important topics or topics which needs more hard work or time than any other topic. use last year exam papers Or sample papers for the proper schedule of your study. you may also take help of your friends which you think can help you in a particular topic and make Imply that in your schedule too.

You must study more or gave more interaction to that topic which you feel you are not that up to mark for which your teachers recommended you to study more. you should study that topics 1st during your exams high time preparation.

  • What to do night before the exam:-

The night before the exam is very much crucial for your exam and your exams performance pretty much dependent upon that. you must not cram before the exams to follow or you should just take the review for each topic you feel important or less confident. never think of cramming too much before the exam It will mix your topics and also make to feel low in confidence for the exams.

You should sleep as soon as possible to make your brain as well as body to relax a bit and to be well prepared for the exams. as our brain to need a rest to be fresh and remember well for the exam.

  • Time Before the exam:-

never try to read anything or to study or cram just before the exam time even if your friends ask you for the topic he misses or leaves during the preparation of exams. close your book 1 hour before the exam starts and feel relaxed and worry-free and full of self-confidence before the exam.

Also get up early in the morning and take another review of the important topics and make your self filled with confidence as confidence is the main key to score well.

Top Tips to Score Highest Marks,tips for goods marks,top tips for 12 board exam,top tips for success in exam,top ten tips for 12 board exam

  • During Exam time:-

Check out all the things you required during exam time i.e.., Pen, Pencil, Sketch Pens, rubber, sharper, each and everything whether it is small or big matters a lot during your exam time.

Read all the instructions carefully before giving exam and keep that in your mind during exam time and don’t make any foolish mistake regarding your exam paper Instructions.

  • Time management is important:-

Read out all the questions carefully before writing anything on the answer sheet and always start your answering from the questions which will carry maximum marks as well as which you think is tougher, need much time to think before when you start exam from small questions you will always feel the problem of the question left.

So, that’s why Time management is very much important during exams, you can write small questions even in last 30 mins but you will never able to write enough for the large questions in last moments which will eventually result in sadness.

  • when you feel Stuck during Exam:-

There will also a moment comes in your exam time when you feel stuck with some questions or a single questions . you just need to be relaxed and calm, don’t be panic in that situation and make your self-be confident and try to think that answer with a cool mind.

If you are not feeling like giving that answer then make any resembles sign or tick that question with pen and move on to the next question and try doing that question after you finish your exam and still left with time.

Never try to think about that question when you are writing an answer to any other question, this will reduce your concentration and when you feel no way out just make a guess and feel like attempting that question this will leave you with something in that space you left for that question.

  • Answer sheet should be neat & clean:-

Handwriting matters a lot for good or highest marks during your exam as your writing makes the 1st impression on the checkers’ mind and make your answer sheet more filled with glow and read for the examiner or checker of the answer sheet.

Underline the lines you feel important and want to attract the examiner towards that so that he/she can be able to make a right mindset about your answer given and also rewards with the full or maximum marks.

Top Tips to Score Highest Marks,tips for goods marks,top tips for 12 board exam,top tips for success in exam,top ten tips for 12 board exam

  • After Completion Of exam paper:-

when you end up with exam paper or question paper don’t feel like running out of examination hall, Sit there and review each n every answer before depositing that to the invigilator also, look for the questions you left during answering or in which you stuck.

Search for the mistakes you have done during writing and tuned in towards the hardest question you think and also feels uncomfortable of answering that review that well and looks for to add any other important lines you missed to answer in that.

Use this Important tips to prepare for your exams. Every student must implement these Tips for success in 12th class exams. Share these tips with your every friend and Ask any query below regarding your exam preparations. We are very happy to help you.

120 thoughts on “Top Tips to Score Highest Marks in 12th Board Exams

  1. Prateek bhai,
    awesome Tips… I liked this webdite…jab. U ne Miscellaneous problems solve krne ko kaha students ko…tbhi Fan ho gaya g I u ka….;) !

    Kk… are some more Tips…related to question coming in ur exam…-

    for PHYSICS-
    1. Chapter 1 i.e, Electric charges and Field
    a. Electric Field on a euitorial point of Dipole
    b. Electric Field on Acial Point of Dipole
    c. Flic through Infinetly long charged wire
    d. Flux inside and outside of a concentric sphere
    e. Numerical mein… Square k 4 corners pe..charges doye hain..kisi ek pe… 3 ki wajah se jo foce pad ra hai..i.e, superposition wala condition…type k numericals

    and yeah… Dipole ki definition and uska P=qx2a wala acche se rat lena.

    Ye hui 1st chap ki preparation.

    And yad rkhna.. Agr acche se pdhoge..o tmhe smj aa jayega..that electric charged and field, chapter 2 i.e, of potential wala..and chapter 4 i.e, magneti effect od electric current Chapter same hain…;) !!

    For Maths..main bhi yahi khunga..miscellaneous pakka solve krna..specially Integration and application of integral chapter k.

    Aur btauna aake.
    Khuda Hafiz.
    Itna krlo.

    Koi Doubt hone se..
    Yahi puchna..main yhi aa jaounga…Jb Mind gresh krna hoga.

    Prateek Bhai…plzzz..mind mt krna.

      1. 1st plan to see the 5 marks in all chapters like the separation of practical sums,solving sums,then theoritical sums.concenterate on this first.then you are think about yourself yah!i am ok in maths.then you concenterate more in 3m&2m.i suggest com book for 1marks.ok thats it.all the best.just try thing i remember u,observe the formula for each and every exercise sums.?try the best.

    1. 3 month bacche h exam ko kon sa chapter must h jisme higher marks milte hai or chemistry ko solve kaise kare……

    1. dear, IN maths everything is concept you need to clear your concept and its various application that how can u actually use it i various question. Try to solve as many questions as you can once you will clear your basics you will be peaking in Confidence.

  2. Sir. I know its too late but seriously I haven’t studied anything bcoz of my some family problem.. Can you please tell me how to score above 90. I m pcb student

  3. i have overall completed my portion here and there
    but still not confident i am losing in 1marks and also i get stuck during exams ?????

  4. Attention guys plz ans my que there 1 month remaining for boards n i dnt know anything in accounts subject so how much marks do i need to pass the paper its of 80 marks ?? total 100 hota hai usme se 20 project n viva hai in that i got 15 for eg so do i need for 20 marks in written to pass? so it will be 15+20=35 or do i need 35 out of 80 seprately for written plz tell me guys!!!

  5. Hello sir
    I have studied all the sub once but don’t know how to keep a track on the tests and the revision……………
    I m forgetting the ans …….. if I don’t revise those frequently ………
    HOW DO I PLAN IT ??????????

  6. Pratik bhai i am in class 12th state board maharashtra,
    Exams are start on 23 of feb and i am still stuck up with chemistry. Dont know what to do in such short time pls give me a tip….

  7. sir i am suffers from a big doubt that i am going on with my blue print but i had a confused that the question paper will give a twist to me please help me

  8. Sir please help me i am confused my 12th com. Board exams are coming in march andi have less time to study so give me guidelines for time management and increase concentration help me sir i am tense

    1. don’t be tensed, nervousness is quite normal at that time. Don’t let your nervousness to go your brain heavily just try to listen music whatever which makes you relaxed by taking short breaks from study.

    1. For all students please keep that in notice that we can’t send reply on your Mails, you have to check your queries reply here only. N dear PCM Exams will be set on NCERT based text books so try to study from NCERT books more

  9. I m student of 12th arts stream…I had listen from many of my seniors, my teachers that arts students doesn’t get above 75-80% but I want to score atleast 95%…in 11th I scored 66%..but I am not satisfy with my marks… Please suggest me…I am ready to work hard…but I couldn’t get how to start…what study material I should prefer… Please help me..waiting for your reply

    1. Study from refreshers and Take a note out of NCERT Books, Must consult your teachers regularly even once a week. Build your confidence in you and make studying atmosphere around u. 1stly schedule your syllabus well make a suitable and comfortable to you time table for studies.

  10. Bhai, I have some problems like
    *I am a slow writer
    *I make a lot of silly mistakes and lose centum by half or one marks
    *I get nervous before and during the exam
    *I don’t know how to manage time with hectic questions especially maths and cs
    *I easily get distracted
    Please help me!!

  11. itni si problem hai 12 mp borad se hu aur top karna hai jisse bits mile itna batau kya karu kese karu how i start the physics and maths my chemistry normal but the physics and maths not so good like chemistry thats why i want to put more effort…… but the problem what the putting method how i can do hard work ….
    koi si bhi book lagane se kuch nhi hoga proper book proper tarike se lagai jai to acha suggest me what book i take for physics for getting 75/75… and for maths 100/100…. and chemistry 75/75….. i dont to loose one mark also i am vry concern about it.. and plz help me for english …………..

  12. I want help in preparing a Timetable for my 12th Std Boards which is effective for scoring 90% above. Please I need your help guys.

  13. Hello sir…i’m from jammu ,… can u plz suggest me that how to prepare for my board exmination..i just want to score atleast 90 out of 100 in math, physics,chemistry nd computer can u plz help me for that…plz sir ….

  14. i want the syllabus of the final exam of all the subjects, and which online test website should i prefer.

  15. Sir I Topped In Main Three Subjects In My School In Commerce Last Year, And Currently Studying in XII, My MArks Were Eco. = 96/100 , A/c = 97/100 , Bst. = 89/100 , Eng. = 65/100 , IP = 70/100.. Sir Now I AM Totally Been Underestimated after seeing XII class A/c nd Eng., rest Will Be Easy, Plz Sir Suggest me something, Its really too difficult for me To Study A/c And Eng. OF XII cLAss..

  16. sir mai direct 12 th sci exam de rahi hu hu bt mere pass only 6 months left hai and mujhe pcm 140 ke uper chahiye and maine koi tution classes bhi nai lagai hai and nai koi clg join kiya hai do pls sir give me advise plss sir mujhe b.e me adm laena hai plss give me some advuce

  17. Sir i m in 12 sci i m gud in maths but litfle worried about physics as i find it applicative
    Which book u prefer for me in physics

  18. sir, while solving maths in exam I get stuck…. I forget everything …. when I go through the question paper in the beginning I feel dat paper is easy and can score well….. but while solving I will bcum blank…. pls help me out sir… I wnt to score 100 in my annual board exams….

      1. Hello sir ive failed in 3 subjects that are physics chemistry and biology i dont want to score high as 80 or 70 I just want to clear my subjects
        Ive filled the form for july paper please help me sir what should i do that il just get passed and also ive got 25 in all the practicals

  19. I don’t know anything about trigonometry as I didn’t studied that chapter in 11th standard.. I m in 12th now..and only some time is left for my board exams… What to do????

  20. sir, i am 12th std commerce my prelims paper today from classes all r less than 50 percent marks sir …..sir i am really worried to show my parents the papers because last time in terms i had got amazing marks …my sir was like u have great capacities but my parents dont understand they always underestimate n hence scared to show my papers n the best part sir these classes people send messages to our parents about our marks…sir i am really scared i worried n there are two more prelims to go but sir my mom and dad they really dont understand me n sir worried for my 12th also plsss sir help me out plsss…

    1. dear shiva, just don’t be scared of anything. you can definitely perform well in next exams. Don’t be afraid of your parents they will scold you but never the else you will be out of this stress. Just be confident and study well. these exams are just secondary. tell focus on the final exams, prepare for that. do not loose confidence.

  21. sir m a student of class 12 n going to give mh board xams……i m really frustrated of all as everyone is trying to make me study the way they want not wt i ….i have a inner feeling that i could score js need some more tips apart from wt u have given …m from SCIENCE stream P/C/M with computer science

  22. Sir next week my 12th is gonna start in classes….i really want to work hard from beginning…pls give me a right study tymtable and also i need help with subjects like physics and chemistry…pls sir

  23. Sir I am studing in Maharashtra Board.I does not know how to study physics numericals??????? which chapters are imortant for Numericals ??????? Plz sir reply me…………………………….

  24. While i am studying i get more distractions, and so that i cannot study continuously.To avoid that i refresh myself and continueing study again.But again and again i get this problem.Due to this i get fail marks in phy, chem, maths only. I dont know wat to do now. I am in fear to face my board exam 12th.

  25. Sir plz tell me k mai kya kru…mai commerce ki student hu pd ke b sb kuch bhaul jati hu……aur hath bhoot kaamp te hain jb mai kuch likhti hu…bt me kuch b kr k marks gain krne h….plz help

  26. Work hard stay calm if u think u r quiting anything think why u start. Just asking for imp will not make u perfect .12 science is a big deal for our future .INSHALLAH we all will achieve success. So we should study hard today BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF US

  27. Is ncert is beneficial for 12 Maharashtra boards ???or any author book? or our govt textbook is enough???and target publication is good or not for reference


  29. i am Good students… that i can achieve atleast 50 marks but i wnt to score 60 marks what should i do.. any suggestion

  30. My name is vivek sharma and I am from s.I.m.I. school which is in Darjeeling ,west Bengal . I am presently in class 12 science. My difficult subject is Physics . I’ve scored 90% in my 10 th madhyami k Pariksha (exam) 2015. Now also I want to score more than 90% . If ill use the above tips then i am sure that my results will be good but the hill students won’t get up to 90% in west bengal higher secondary exam whether they study hard or not. This has decreased our confidence. Any advice for us?? And can anyone plz help me for physics? ????

  31. Sir ,i m a 12 grade pcm student and have a desire to score the highest but i am feeling me unable to tackle up with physics conceptuals …whenever i do them chapterwise then i easily get them up but when i find the same questions in question papers ,it just seems lyk that i hv nt seen them and it makes me more worried ……plz help me to deal with this n i will be highly grateful to you if you will also give me some other important tips ……:-)

  32. dear sir, please tell me how to get 90% in my 1st puc I’m very weak in maths please give me some tips about my studies

  33. I am a pcmb english student and i also have hindi as an additional subject and i am unable to manage my time because of my school & tuition timings which are 7:45am to 2:30pm & 3:45pm to
    6:45 pm respectively & i also have low concentration problem so i want you to suggest me a suitable time table other than my school & tuition timing & also suggest me some tips to concentrate so that i can achieve 90% above marks in 12 CBSE board exam

  34. Hi I am Dhanushree,

    I have Failed In My 2nd Puc In Only Computerscience And Suffering From 2 years
    I Have Again Applied For Supplementry Can U help How To Get Atleast 21 Marks Plz Someone Who Can Say Tips.

  35. I can’t follow my study timetable at all… Is there any other option through which I can get more then 95% I am a commerce student of 12 th

  36. hloo everyone i m a pseb student nd exams ki baat kren to there are 4 months to go if u can help me with chemistry then i shall be vry vry thankful to u hope u guys will reply

  37. sir good evening iam so weeks in maths and iam not able memory the topics pls help me sir iam biology group I have scored only 460 in 10th now I’m 12th sta

  38. i am 12 std state board student i want to know what are the qns to study to score good marks and which problem will come in phy in all chapter

  39. dear sir, please tell me how to get 90% in my 1st puc I’m very weak in physics please give me some tips about my studies

  40. Hey,what would happen if B4 the exam we don’t even seemed the importance while entering the exam ?? As u said don’t ever try to open book B4 exams 1 hr ,coz we’ll forget all d things….. How could we memorise all importance ,while that situation in the exam hall??

  41. Please sir give me some tips regarding chem class 12 to get 90percent and please tell me which book should I prefer for better result

  42. Hii sir I have just completed my 11th and I m really confused about my boards …in 11 I have really poor that’s 80% …i want to improve my self…please guide me..

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