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According to the new insights, CBSE to conduct exams twice a year for 12th and 10th to dodge situation arises due to Covid-19 as we all aware happens in semester systems. Semester system in CBSE Exam 2022, Owing to the Second Wave of the Pandemic in March and April of 2021, the Union Government chose to cancel the CBSE exams for the students who were going to appear for it in 12th and 10th grade.

Semester System in CBSE Exam 2022:

Even though the Government measures were taken with good intentions, the Semester system in CBSE Exam 2022 sparked a huge amount of backlash and controversy amongst the students. Many claimed that it was the Centre’s stubbornness to even hold exams in this uncertain pandemic future, and why they weren’t using alternative evaluation methods. Others also held the opinion that two distinct exams are going to eat away the entire year’s worth of time, making it even more difficult to prepare for the other upcoming examinations they might have to give.

CBSE to Conduct Exams Twice:

proposed policy: In light of the uncertain nature of the pandemic that has troubled the academic future of students from the 2020-2021 academic session, the Government announced that it will hold CBSE exams twice a year. The first examination will be conducted in November-December 2021, and the second examination will be taken from March-April 2022. The move was taken considering the problems of school closures and lockdowns across the nation.

Reasons why Semester System is opted:

Many academics and institutions have hailed this as a very positive move. There are several reasons why there has been strong reception towards the double exams.

  • The very first benefit is that it is reading the pressure on schools to take measures and conduct exams immediately. CBSE is showing flexibility to the schools by allowing them to reduce the syllabus, take 90 or 120-minute examinations, and a blend of exam formats such as multiple-choice questions as well as essay-type long answers. By having multiple ways of assessing the capabilities of students, we can ensure a fair evaluation.
  • Having a two-exam system makes sure that the students are engaged in studying throughout the year. Though the Government is sensitive to how difficult it is to focus on studying right now, there is still a need for students to be serious about their education and not treat study from home as an extended vacation. This move will go a long way in making internal tests and continuous assessments become far more important, in line with the New Education Policy’s reformist steps.
  • Many students studied long and hard for their examinations. Therefore, the CBSE exams update for 2022 was a breath of fresh air for many of them. Earlier when the exams were simply canceled, students were afraid that they will be assessed on their internals and past marks in which they had not studied hard. Secondly, the months of preparation for a full syllabus was definitely a huge effort, seeing it go to waste would have been heartbroken. Now, students who studied earlier will have a much easier time.

Whatever be the case, with the new two exam system in place now, the examination landscape is going to look very different now for both students and teachers. Let’s set our eyes on CBSE’s new Semester system for Exam 2022.

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