University of Chicago in Asia with Booth School of Business

University of Chicago now in Asia to catch more students around the world specially from Asia with there Booth School of Business which is likely to be expand in Asia with all specialist Staff later this year. University of Chicago Booth is known as one the best university across the world with there MBA programs lead by school of businesses. The staff is likely to expand Booth School of Business with MBA programs from Singapore to Hong Kong in Asia.


They are very keen to go beyond there limitations of regions so, Finally they are going on with the flow of wind as they want to expand in other Asian countries as soon as possible(ASAP). They are also likely to expand there booth’s in North America and also in Europe.

University of Chicago in Asia:-

Chicago university is going for a critical Asian regions as this is going to be a new challenge for them to make there foot grab into the Asian grounds. Chicago university is going to launch here with few more programs like Research,Remote teaching, Entrepreneurship, Custom executive  training and many other are going to be expand in Asian Countries.

According to the President of University of Chicago(Mr. Robert J Zimmer) , He feel that Asia is a critical area of region for them to expand in here with there award winning faculty .It will generate lots of challenges and difficulties but We hope we will come out with best in us and will serve Students and alumni with all our energy.


Also according to Sunil Kumar who is Chicago booth Dean, He feels that with the success Asian Programs in Hong Kong and Singapore they will be going to ahead towards the southern part of Asia with constructing a strong Alumni Base in Asian regions.

With the expansion of Booth School of business in Asian Countries University of Chicago is giving a clear signal that they want to go for even more and want to develop engagement with all the world including in Top level Regions.  They we help University of Chicago a Upper hand over the engagement of them with students of Asia and other Regions.

Also, University has already opened there center in Beijing long time back in 2010, which has grown a lot of activity being share between China universities and also between there students by providing them quality study programs such as :- MBA progarms

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