Unconventional & Trending Careers in India

Unconventional & Trending Career for everyone in India which can gain you reasonably good amount of money as well as respect, name & Fame. These Unconventional careers are very much trending and people are feeling to do it on a go and want earn Name & fame and followers too. The conventional career options are no more common these days. Thanks to the diverse functional employment opportunities that industries are providing which gives aspirants not only a light of hope but a platform to pursue their own interests in the form of a flourishing career.

Therefore, let us have a look at few of the most sought after unconventional career paths in India which have been gaining popularity and demand by aspirants in the recent time.

Unconventional & Trending Careers:-

Animation Experts:-

For someone who is truly creative and believes in turning their imaginations into reality, a career in the animation profile is extremely interesting. Animation is used by almost every industrial and functional vertical these days with the advent to evolving technology not only in India but across countries. Creating a large number of employments, the animation industry is one of the most sought after career options in India.

Your profile will include designing animated characters or cartoons which could be used for various purposes on print, electronic or online media as per the requirement of the client.

Other than good illustration, drawing and sketching skills, you need to have a strong hold on knowledge of art and design. The courses which could be pursued include advanced and certifications in Digital Arts and Animation; 2D; 3D; Graphic Designing and many other similar degrees.

Few of the top institutes of India that would train you on animation skills are mentioned in the table below.

Disc Jockey/ Radio Jockey/ Video Jockey:-

Who does not want to earn money doing something that you are most passionate about? Music is everyone’s number one hobby and what if you get paid just for talking. The professionals in these sphere of industry is increasing in great numbers. The youngsters today do not mind in taking a little risk and trying to earn from something they have always loved to do. The best thing that these kinds of jobs will bring along is fame, popularity and limitless attention around the world.

The courses that you need to opt for are Mass Communication, diploma & certificate programs in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ), or other similar media course to understand the technicalities involved. Otherwise, this profession largely depends n your in-born abilities and interest to learn. So once you have completed your schooling (10+2), you can try for an internship with a veteran and then start your promising career ahead.

Refer to the table to see some of the colleges and visit their website to know the details.

Fitness Expert

Health is something which every individual on this planet is becoming conscious about. Health issues related to weight management, and staying fit is among the biggest concerns where people seek guidance and expert advice. This ensures that a career in this sphere will certainly give you a promising future and a never ending demand.

There is no doubt that the health and fitness industry is witnessing a boom and will sustain the upsurge in the coming time as well. The career options that you might opt in this field will include dieticians, personal trainers, therapists, yoga experts, and group fitness instructors.

Right after schooling (10+2), you can undergo training by joining a diploma or certificate course in Sport and Fitness Nutrition; Fitness Management; Personal Trainer etc. The top institutes in India are listed in the table.

 Tour Guides (Tourist Guides)

With travel and tourism industry strengthening its hold not only in India but international destinations, a career in this industry is surely beneficial. For a person who loves to travel and explore new places, this job would certainly interest you. Also you will be required to have a better understanding of the history and art of various nationalities if you really want to be a proficient professional. A tourist guide has to be an expert communicator, and if you have a professional degree to add on, your career is promising.

Contributing hugely to the employment as well as the GDP of India, this industry assures a great career path for the job seekers. If you have proficiency of an international language, this profession will definitely land you up in some international country where the opportunities to earn might be plenteous.

The courses which you can pursue can be advanced diploma or certificate courses such as Diploma in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality Management or Bachelor or Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. There are some reputed colleges and universities in India where you can pursue courses in tours and travel. Refer table.

Content Writing

Internet marketing is the new age of marketing. The experts understand this fact and developing strategies and initiatives, thus giving birth to several roles for interested job seekers. As a part of online marketing techniques, content writing aims at increasing the online presence of companies.

All you require is to practice your flair for writing to create an impact in the minds of the potential customers. Similar to journalism, when writers where very much sought after, content writers are in much demand these days for the online platform. The job responsibilities might include writing unique articles which are free from plagiarism, other than editing and proof reading articles.

You could go for part time or distance learning courses in creative writing to enhance your writing skills. The best thing about this career is that you can start it at any point in your life and work either joining an organization or working as a freelancer.

British Council, New Delhi & IGNOU offering distance learning programs in writing are the best ones in India.

So you need not be worried if you are not at all inclined to become a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer, as there are several other offbeat and unconventional career options which will ensure you growing in a field where your passion persists.

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