Top Tips Before Comparing Android & iOS:Choose The Best One

Top Tips Before comparing Android & iOS , Here comes something relative to all the students as well as employee and most for  over the all new youth generation of All over the world. These are the things which definitely comes into your mind  when ever you going to buy a Smart phone.


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These both are the most powerful operating System which is implemented in smart Phones, Tabs as well as new generation window phones. These Top tips surely provide you the flexibility & the required Important Knowledge before buying Any of these two.

Top Tips before Comparing Android & IOS:-

An Android is now become most popular as well as the most ever used product in the market by Industry as a Operating System in the smart phones and Tabs due to its ability of

  1. User friendly
  2. flexibility
  3. Reliable
  4. cheapest
  5. compatibility Option

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but for the comparing purpose and getting Best out of the both, we must lookup to there features and characteristics which are as follows:-

User Interface:-

Both these Operating system have tremendous user Interface as well as the most powerful System In-build, but also the comparison lies in the flexibility of both these OS. Android get a plus point over the user Interface flexibility android is most Flexible and having a wide range of products allows you to do what where you want to do including your comfort first.

On the other hand, iOS is much simpler and can be used for doing thing which requires accuracy in mins.

  • Also, Smartphones & other devices are designed on a great range with Android system in it. for example we can see here:-
  1. Samsung :0- Touch wiz user Interface
  2. Sony Ericsson:0- Xperia User Interface

on the other hands, iOS don’t have any wide range of user Interface it operates on a Single UI.


It is the most Important aspect to compare between both of these as We all need performance at its very best.


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here now we have felt in a Balanced State as both these OS are showing there own sparks in there different aspects as both have wide range of application for the user to be used for there comfort and as per need.

but iOS has an upper hand with the compatibility issues as all the application runs smoothly on the smart phones or Iphones or Ipads but Android has to update all there application time to time with respect to make it more compatible with all the Smart Phones using it in Market.


Both of these OS has a good quality features which resembles the image of the brand inside it. iOS has its own new and trending features and applications, also Android is just Tracing the iOS Path by implementing it with new name and advance version.

most powerful newly design feature in iOS is :- SIRI, for the usage of smart answers in secs of your issues or questions.

Most powerful Features in Android is:- Maps, they have construct there own maps and navigations for the users help.

So, At the end the conclusion lies within both of them but android gets Upper hand In two main cases where as iOS only manages to provide proper flexibility and features.As per our recommendation students should must buy an Android version Smart phones to getting most out of there money spend on buying it as, it is affordable and user Friendly.

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