Top Secrets, Features and Future in Railways…

Railways are equally important now days as water n any daily used thing is important in our life…

There are 5 most important aims of railways are such as……

  • To providing leading edge of technology n knowledge in our trains.
  • To most energy efficient and high speed travelling in railways.
  • To achieve the safest and cost effective  journeys for consumers.
  • To provide high level skilled staff for every comfort of travelers
  • Also To provide world class facilities to every customer.

Technology is where the actual difference between two standard field can be  feel by everyone. even a common man can feel and see that difference .  Technology can rate a field by filling it with stars.. railways whether it is indian railways,  chinese  railways or europian railway,,they all now days working very vigorously on there technologies so that everyone would prefer to travel in railways rather than any other  mode of  travelling. whether it is washrooms occupied status or seat occupied status equipment on every bugie of trains n on stations .

The speed of travelling n safety also matters a lot for every journey of customers or traveler.. railways are now trying to increase the no. of safety measures that they are taking for peoples. railways are the most easiest way to travel from one place to another so it can easily be target by terrorism so that they can scare public very easily. but now railways of various countries are trying to packup more n more soldier to overcome the problem of terrorism providing soldier all the new technology weapons. also implementing more n more security equipment on our railway stations.

Railways are now trying to be as efficient as possible in every field whether it is matter of energy or cost(money). most of railways are using electric energy to work. diesel engines however also exits many places in india as there is no electrical energy lines on that particular places. so,, as electric energy is much efficient option of cost also as compared to diesel energy so railways are trying to opt electric energy as an working fuel for trains so that much lesser cost should be spend on trains working n consumers get could pay lesser cost for travelling in trains. It looked as energy is proportional to the cost efficiency as the working energy fuel changes the cost also varies alot.

For a real top speed to reach one place to others many countries are using bullet trains .. they travels at real lighting fast speeds.. conserve much time of peoples who travels in it.. japan, n many other countries are right now taking the  facilities of this type of trains.

A fully skilled and technically perfect faculty is also made an major difference.. A bunch of fully skilled peoples are opted by railways so that less time is consumed in workshop for repairing and maintenance purpose..also for ticking purpose an well skilled employs are working in railway nowdays.

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