Top 5 Digital Marketing Course Providers In India

With the advancing technology, the technocratic era is bound to offer you job opportunities that are technology based. One sphere where this era has opened up the job opportunities for you is in the sphere of digital marketing. To enable yourself as a goof digital marketing analyst you need to take proper coaching. Here we will provide you the insight into the Digital Marketing Course and the ones who provide the same. Following is the list of Top 5 Digital Marketing Course Providers In India.

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Digital Marketing Courses in India:

  1. Internet Profits

Internet Profits is an effort of the Geeko Computech Pvt. Ltd. This teaches you the basics of how to get going with the Internet Marketing as a means to earn profit. It does so by teaching you the basics. There is no offline centre and the training is provided in the form of the videos that are recorded. You might be glad to know that they have a Facebook Mentoring Group. Here all the pupils can come into contact with each other. Results as well as networking are maintained in transparency.

2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

DSIM  has the digital marketing experts globally. It lays focus on making their students more creative so as to make their digital marketing skills more sharp. Here you will find the complete live classroom training. All the executives as well as the industry entrepreneurs can go in for doing this. Also, it can be considered by the working professionals, the business owners as well as those who are seeking jobs in this field. There are around 17 modules of digital marketing. Here you learn about the concepts related to marketing online, bringing the targeted traffic to the website, generating the potential business leads as well as increasing the brand awareness by making use of umpteen online platforms. These includes search engines, social media, email marketing, online display advertising, mobile marketing, content marketing and much besides. The best part is that you get the practical exposure too.

  1. NIIT Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one field which ideally all the marketing executive must know. This course is offered by the NIIT. It is one of the best training institutes in India having its Branches in almost every nook and corner of the nation. It can be rightly termed as first institutes to have launched a comprehensive digital marketing training program in India. It dates back the origin of this course here with it to 2012. They however do not provide any online training. The main instructor is, however,  not present himself. The training takes place through the live video stream simultaneously in many of the centres across the nation. The institute provides several other programs beside this.

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  1. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn is Bangalore, India based education and training company having an office at Houston, Texas too. Currently they offer more than 100 certification courses via both online and offline training methods. It came into existence in 2009 under the  Krishna Kumar. Initially, it began as a blog offering the tips and tricks and later evolved as an institute. The Advanced Online Marketing Certification Training as the institute calls this, costs you around Rs.49,999 plus taxes. There are 7 courses which completes in 180 days.

  1. AIMA

AIMA has a digital marketing training program exclusively of their own to offer to you. They hold a partnership with the Digital Vidya to get the content as well as the course material. The modules that it includes are the Orientation to Digital Marketing, Search engine Optimization(SEO),Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/Google, Analytics and Display ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Analytics. These are the online programmes that are served for you on the weekends. It is a 4 hours program for 2 days on the weekend and not the weekdays. The fee is Rs.36,000 excluding the taxes.

All in all, these are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Course Providers In India. These all the institutes are reputed and a known to provide you the best training and make you fully equipped with clearing the basics. So you can go in for joining any of these as all are good.

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