Study in the USA vs Study in the UK:Choose The Best One

Study in the USA vs Study in the UK, this comparison mainly for those foreign students who wishes to study in aboard and have a double minded mind set for the best country i..e., USA(United States of America) and UK(United Kingdom) for best and Top level study.


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As you start your prep for studies abroad, does confusion seem to cloud your mind? What would work out to be the best study destination for you? The UK or the USA? Let’s have a look at what they both have to offer. The United States of America has some of the world’s most renowned and leading universities and offers promising career opportunities. The UK, on the other hand, is known for its high affordability and rigorous standards.

Study in the USA vs Study in the UK:-


The United Kingdom

Here’s a look at some of the advantages that the UK has to offer its international students. In the UK universities, when it’s study, it’s study all the way and when it’s fun, it’s fun all the way.


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Time Is Of the Essence

Generally the UK is known for its courses being shorter in duration than the US and even Europe. The UK’s undergraduate programs generally last for three years, which would take up four years anywhere else in the globe. Similarly, postgraduate diplomas generally last for two years, but the UK institutions let you graduate in just one!

The English Scholarship

The UK is also well known for the thousands of bursaries and scholarships that its institutions give out year on year. The British government aids nearly 21,000 international students with their funding where some scholarships cover not just the tuition fee but living costs as well, especially for those pursuing research.

Pounds- Not Dollars!

The UK allows international students work during their studies for generally up to 10 hours a week. Students who have student immigration permission can even work for up to 20 hours during term time. Students have the option of working full time during vacations and placements.


The UK offers qualifications that are respected and recognized world-wide in the form of B.Tech, HNDs, and A-levels. Any program you complete in the UK will be accepted the world-over and is understood to have met high quality and rigorous standards. Employers place a high value on UK qualifications.

The US of A!

Having seen the merits of pursuing higher education in the UK, can we now move on to see what the US has in store for international students like you?


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World- Renowned Uni’s

The USA has undoubtedly the highest number of higher education institutions the globe-over. It offers students an unparalleled number of academic options in numerous fields of study. Students can find almost any area of study within American higher educational institutions! Research in the USA is definitely cutting edge and the exposure it brings to the table is incomparable. If you are lucky you may probably end up working with some Nobel prospects. Some of the famous American institutions known world-wide are Harvard, Yale, California Institute of Technology, Cornell, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, MIT, and John Hopkins. Students across the world grow up dreaming to make it into one of these and you are probably no exception!

Score with Credit Points

Colleges and universities in the USA have programmes that rely highly on credit points. This gives students the freedom to choose the classes they would like to attend, the electives they would like to opt for, the number of classes they would like to enroll for within each semester, and such.

Hands-On Training

Given its size and its resources, America offers students unlimited opportunities for practical hands on training in their fields of interest. Many educational institutions are affiliated to researchers and employers within various fields for providing this sort of practical training to their students. Many colleges even make it mandatory for their students to undergo such training for graduation, very much unlike the situation anywhere else round the globe.



Tech Forward

Students studying in the USA, regardless of which university they’re in, will be made to work with various technologies. Numerous universities require students to work on modern technology as part of their curriculum. Students gain experience working with specialized technology, and increase their overall employability.

More Well Rounded

US higher educational institutions require that students not just study their main academic subjects but also educate them outside their areas of study as well. The American universities lean more towards developing well rounded students through a vibrant and active social scene where socializing comes hand in hand with intellectual development and academic benefits are incorporated even within their fun activities.

This is just how the education scene runs in the USA and the UK for you in a nutshell. What is your pick going to be, British or American? This is definitely one question worth pondering over!

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