Now Students Will Rate Teachers!!

Seemed to be much much Interesting in 1st look and actually the concept of grading or rating our teachers is superb &  mind blow. Teachers will get remarks and feedback from the students they teaches, also students will get right to write any queries &  problem related to teachers in that column provided for feedback to students.

It came out as an new year gift for students of India from UGC(University Grants Commission)

Info About It:-

All over universities of India have decided under the U.G.C (University Grants Commission)  to conduct feedback or rating system for teachers or lecturers for every colleges, institutes & universities.

The IDEA for this terrific system is much awaited also as the taking is riding from decades but finally stumbled by U.G.C in this new year.  An initial Draft for this has be given to all over the universities of India by Vice chancellor of State universities and Also by UGC.,& also Implementation is started in various colleges & universities.

So, this concept is implementing all over as to help teachers that what is students thinking process about teachers & how can they improve it more and more relatively.


The Process for this concept is very much headache… as professor’s & lecturers are bit confused that whether feedback form will be given to all students or some of them & who’s class or batch will be Best for all to get a right feedback from students.

So, Finally UGC In a conference Came out with a Idea that these Feedback & rating Forms will be given to few Final Year Students of any colleges which have attended well % of the lectures & also students who have actually been in a thought process with Teachers about this topic to improve teaching criteria more precisely.


We have a balanced feedback from all the students & teachers about this Innovative Thought as some of teachers had a fear in there mind for getting Adverse rating and complement from students in unionized surrounding or atmosphere which will lead towards teachers belonging to political River.

Also, Teachers have thought in there minds that students are not so mature to judge any teachers  qualities teaching capabilities.

Students have fear in there minds that teacher will gave them less marks or Internal for them in the Final exams.

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