NIT Students Will Get Graduation Degree From IIT!!

Breaking News for all students who have been studying In NITs(National Institute of Technology) or on the way to get admissions in NITs,, i..e., Students from National Institute of technology will get an Fare chance to appear through IIT’s even they are studying in NIT’s from being admitted through AIEEE entrance exam.


New Watershed decision is taken by all the IIT directors that they will allow students from NIT’s to appear there last year of engineering graduation from IITs according to there merits.

This is much awaited decision by both teachers and students which is taken by directors of IITs. which came out with a huge smiles on many faces.

So, news is this that after so much discussion the results taken out is collaboration has been done in between both NITs and IITs.

Over View:-

So, as a Results of this decision the only competitive entrance exam JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) in no more the only way to do engineering through the ¬†IITs, but also NITs final year students are also able to taste success and felling of India’s top level Institute ¬†IITs(Indian Institute of Technology).

The idea for this relevant task is given by Mr Anil Kakodhar which are came out as an another face of god to student who are not able to crack IITs entrance exam JEE.


Implementation for this will to be through these two levels :-

  1. Bright students for PhDs will be there for IITs.
  2. Proper utilization of resources of IITs.

Students are selected on the basis of there merit position throughout the engineering Past years. So, simply deserved students will get an fare chance to be in IITs for there final year study and even after after that(i..e.,PhD).

Degree of graduation will be provided to students by the institutes of IIT through which they are selected to study.

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