News reveled:US Universities looking for foreign students

US universities desiring for Foreign students to rise up the standard of there educational system as they are looking to plenty in overseas students which will also helps to improve the standard of employees in US as well as also increase the economy for the United States.

US is looking for Foreign student which is shown by data reveled as most of universities of US are increasing there strength of overseas students up to  % per year..

US universities Increasing strength for overseas students:-

Many of universities in the US are improving there educational criteria just to increase the drain of peoples/students in the US which will gradually improve the educational system and the Economy for the United States as foreign students pay full time tution fee in once which will helps increasing the structure of economy for this developed country.

The various universities which are increasing strength are basically huge and situated at the mid west followed by public colleges.

The number for these ambitious universities are increasing gradually with the increase in the number of foreign students in the famous top level universities, which is also an plus point for students desiring to study in US universities for there Higher educations courses.

Facilities offered to Foreign and US students :-

foreign students who are willing or wishing to be part of US universities are going to be obliged by numerous facilities by these Ambitious US Universities regarding to the financial Aid or the hostel facilities and also the various programs just make students feel comfortable in the surroundings .

The recruitment of foreign students results in as cherry on the ice-cream for US resident students as with the money spend on higher education by foreign students will results in followed term for local students:-

  1. continues scholarship programs for Domestic students
  2. financial helps in fee structure
  3. Less Tution fee from them
  4. Better Infrastructures in universities


Important records by universities:-

Universities of US named :-  INDIANA Universities  , flagship Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University, Ohio State university  University of Minnesota& Illinois and university of southern California 

States in which universities offering most:- Indiana State, Ohio sate , Michigan state, Purdue 

These all universities has increased there enrollment up to 15 to  40 % for the foreign students . As Indiana university has increased recruitment up to 5000 – 6000  almost 15 % above then last year.

flagship Urbana-Champaign has increased  numerously with an improvement of almost 9000 in the enrollment for students.

Countries from which students are recruited:-

majority of countries which are making contributions in the strength of US universities are from Asia Pacific. Most of the students in the US universities are from the Asian countries followed by Africa..

Presently there is 750000 overseas students studying in the US universities &  present stage reflects that it will increase proportionally each & every year as students recruitment seams to be increased further with time.

names of countries having impact on US Universities:-

  • China (almost 50% of students are coming from china in the foreigner students category in US universities)
  • India 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Russia

Benefit from  foreign Enrollment to US:-

US Universities which are increasing enrollments in the strength of foreign students for education in there universities are making a huge part in building the economy of US universities gradually as foreign currency making a big impact on the economy for United States.

As per records of surveys the Department Of commerce has contributed almost $ 25 billion  to the total economy of United States.also various other universities & Institutes are making there Bit in the Economy too.

US is now having more undergraduate overseas students then they have graduated in past years within 25 Top Campuses Of US.


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