New Zealand New Education Policies for Students Visas

New Zealand new Education policies has been announced by New Zealand Government earlier on Students Visas and Education Visas for students desiring to Study in New Zealand Specially for Asian Countries.  New Visas Education policies specially for “Foreign” will be more affected as according to these Education policies New Zealand Government will not allot Visas to the all students who are willing to Seek Admission enrollments  in those Institution which are granted with category 4 by Qualification Authority of New Zealand.

New Zealand New Education policies:-

With the Change in these Education policies, the main motive of there Government is to prevent or Discouraging all Foreign students from making Bad education Choices. They are giving all International Students a RED SIGN that they have to took admission in Top Level Institution in there Country which will raise there Education Standard as well as all provide every International Foreign student a Bright Career.

Due to These New policies many students will also able to meet there expenses in this economic crises where Rupee in falling Day by Day to Dollar Same with New Zealand Dollars.

There is also a Big news for every Student who are already pursuing  there studies with PhD and Masters courses Programs in  New Zealand that they will get Unlimited Work Right or permit , According to Immigration Minister Michel Woodhouse and Education , Skills and employment Minister Steve Joyce.

Employment processor for students Pursuing Study:-

  • All tertiary level foreign student pursuing Courses program with at least one Calender  year will now work full time during Semester Holidays. 
  • Also All foreign students who are pursuing in English Language Courses of more then a Single year At least 14 months will work up to 20 hours per week.


These Announced Policies will surely help many of Indian and other Asian Country students who get Education in New Zealand with lots of Expenses, will now experience  a valuable and high quality Education from there top level institutes.

Students can also get Deep Info about these Policies and Employment in New Zealand :-


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