DU Cutoff Lists 2017 Expected : Lower DU Cutoff Details

As per CBSE lower DU Cutoff 2017 Lists Expected this year, so it upto CBSE as it is going to moderate the marks in this year with the different observations taken into account. Here are the different things that are going to be enlisted and manipulated for fixing the cut of marks from this year. Reports state that the impact of the Expected DU Cutoff list 2017 will he soon published. Students and teachers are expecting a low cut off marks in CBSE from now on.

DU Cutoff List 2017:

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Base and basis of Trends in CBSE Class 12 marks are as stated below:

  • The marks re-assessment is meant to bring a moderation to the uniformity of gradation and evaluation process to be carried out at all parts of India.
  • The board clearly stated that the marks will be as per the requirement of the examiners and through the marking process there will be a constant uniformity in the total procedure. Thus examiner’s overview of the paper evaluation will be gradually abolished and hence there will be an uniformity of the scoring.
  • The new moderation policy, that will be soon implied in the system will allow every student to get 15% marks in each paper more than they did scored earlier. This is due to the fact that the influence of the evaluation makers of the papers will be decreased.
  • Papers will be made easy and hence will be high scoring for all students. Recent  statistics about Trends in CBSE Class 12 marks state that there has been an increase of more than 30%, while students scoring 95% is considered. This is the result of the evaluation of the results from 2008 till 2016. Now , with the papers made easy, this percentage will rapidly increase.

St. Stephens colleges of DU Cutoff Lists:

Latest cutoff list published by St. Stephens colleges of DU which is located in north campus is a such:

For B Economics

  • 98.5% for general students Commerce Stream
  • 97.5% for science & humanities both

For BA English

  • 98.5% for general students Commerce Stream
  • 97.25% for science
  • 98% humanities both

For B.Sc Courses all cutoffs are above 95+

Much more details published on their home site also Interview details will be published on 15th June, 2017

Thus, the overall trend of the board exams is stating that the total marks acquired and secured by the boards have increased by a lot. Keeping this trend in mind different levels are Expected DU Cutoff list 2017. This will result an additional dip of 10% in the marks obtained by the students. Different levels of education society are showing their different overview about the same. While some of the teacher levels are stating that what is the need of examiners then, when the job of the examiners are to be cut short? It will be better if board does the evaluation with the help of latest sampling technology, that is usually followed in case of different admission tests. On the other hand, there are some who are stating that this Lower DU Cutoff lists expected will be making the study even easier and more students will be motivated towards education, since they can score high.

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Dip in DU cut-offs list 2017:

The final decision of the board is yet to come out, although there is an internal confident word regarding the Dip in DU cut-offs list 2017. The exact results of the procedure that has been followed will be cleared with the CBSE Class 12 marks 2017. The doubts of different level of teachers will be cleared after the results easily. Guardians and students are already glad to know that scoring will be higher now.

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