Latest Top 10 Android Apps for Students For Bright Future

Top 10 android apps for students to make them feel like enjoying the today technology in here hands.. like using any smart phone or tabs or notes of any brand. Android is constructed to people simple an comfort approach and reach in technology world.


Here I have android apps for students whether there are any college students or school students or any other kind of student learning particular field from somewhere. Smart phone are now easily get able as well as easy to use as there are now days very much reliable and user friendly.

Top 10 android apps for students:-

These apps gonna be very much handy as well as very much useful for many students in there study life.

Wolfram alpha


Wolfram is at the top  in our ranking for students as an android app as students can easily be able to use the in there android versions whether in smart phones or tabs.

Description:- It is more like an search engine as it provides you an suitable and reliable database of solutions or answer for your queries and questions you are writing on it.

It can also gave you solutions of your any kind of arithmetic query or problem and too it can gave us plenty of knowledge about multinational companies earning or turnover of any year.



Studious is the 2nd best but it is comparatively as good and best in working as wolfram alpha is…. Also it is multifunctional apps for students which can be very much important for students

Description:- studious are most important app for students schedule purposes as it can be used by students in two forms.. they can use it is an reminder for any days whether it is for presentations or schedule planning and students can also use it as for purpose to silent there android.



Schooltraq is pretty alike studious but is different in many aspects as it is particularly used as schedule planner.

Description:-  students can use it exciting feature of organization tools to organize their studying schedule for exams date, homework, practices and many others day to day workouts of students life.

Note everything

note everything

It is exciting new app in android version which is most hilarious and pretty much helpful for students to note thing instantly and you can also filter them easily.

Description :- This apps is best of many apps which can be used for note done purpose of students as students can easily note done their notes as well as assignment in app and can easily filter them in app which is very much easy to figure out.

Kingsoft Office

kingsoft office

It is as reliable as Microsoft office desktop version for students using in there android for similar workouts and many other exciting new tools.

Description:- It is more like Microsoft desktop version which is used by students for PPTs, word files and excel files and many other option are included in this fabulous app for students. Students can also prepare there PPTs and spreadsheets on that easily.


It is most important app for any student as it can be used as scientific , graphic as well as  regular arithmetic Calculator.

Description:-  As name suggests this is the apps which is used for scientific calc and graphic calculator but more It is very much usefull as an regular calculator which is an terrific thing to have in our android.

This is an website app which is particularly build after an great demand by students to have in there apps corner in there androids.

Description:- This is an portal to links students directly towards the home website to easy to approach to that website through that app and search for new words instantly with there meanings. It will also allow you search

CamScanner/CamScanner HD


A new exciting feature of scanning text of textbooks or anything written instatntly when you are out of home or out of heavy hardware tools.

Description:- This app capture the picture of any textbook content when students in schools and colleges needed to scan and capture the text in your android at any time as the important tool is now absolutely free in android market. The pixel of captured image never a problem in feasibility as It can also support HD(high definition) camera.

My Class Schedule

An easy to find as well as an calendar based pattern app which can be used to make daily schedule during exams. We can also name it as “Smart Calendar”.

Description:- The special function in that app is to make our calendar more transparent with respect to our planned schedule which can be very much helpful in viewing our documents with respect to the calendar date.

Alert Student

This app is very much useful and handy for medically related or connected peoples.

Description:- The special function in this app is for medical students as they can note there medical knowledge and content in digital format. Students can arrange all there term and data under an single heading.

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