Job Overview of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is a very innovative and trending as it deals with launching new products and much more. The pharma industry is extremely dynamic with the launch of new products everyday, such products are needed be presented in front of physicians in a professional manner, and here comes the role of a pharma sales rep. The article tends to explore the job profile of the pharma representative and future prospects of such positions

Sales jobs have always been high in demand in the job segment of India. Medical segment has always offered alluring job positions, which are not only ensure great career prospects but also are highly paying. One of such jobs is that of pharmaceutical sales representatives, who are also termed as drug representatives or pharmaceutical sales people. The basic job profile of this profession is offering accurate information about the drugs and other medicines to the physician and offers them with product samples. In addition, pharmaceutical representatives are also responsible to keep a check on the prescribing patterns of doctors and physicians in a geographic zone.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative:-

If you are working as a pharmaceutical representative, you will be responsible to represent a defined set of drugs, and will be expected to meet the specialists of applied medical field. For example, a pharmaceutical representative who looks after the drug products, which treat heartburn, will have a business with gastroenterologist and internists.

Working conditions for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

A pharmaceutical representative usually works out of office on a company vehicle. A major time of the pharmaceutical representatives is spent meeting physicians in their territory. Therefore, a potential pharmaceutical representative needs to be comfortable in travelling to the clinics of no less than 4-5 physicians daily.

Apart from visiting the physicians daily, the reps are also required to attend the sales meetings, conference calls as well as training sessions with the admin and management teams. The pharma companies give the reps with the responsibilities to conduct presentations at the physicians’ offices, discuss the indications prescribed on the medicines, side effects of the proposed drugs, its composition and health benefits.

Educational requirements

Most of the pharma companies prefer hiring candidates with at least a graduate degree. The big names in the pharma industry look out mostly for the toppers and best performers.

Skill set requirements

Apart from having a college degree, the pharmaceutical representatives should be professionals and have excellent communication skills. They should be organized in their work and need to manage their work optimally. In addition, the pharma reps should have the ability to memorize the medical terms and information about those drugs. The job of a pharma sales representation may be stressful for some people, so they should be able to meet the deadlines and productivity goals.

What’s To Like About Pharma Sales Jobs

Pharma sales jobs are the hot favorite among the job seekers who look forward to seek jobs in the medical industry. The potential to earn in the pharma industry is stronger as compared to other sales jobs. Besides, attractive perquisites, business trips, annual bonus and medical reimbursements make this profession a lucrative option for the graduates. In addition, if you are looking forward to establish yourself as the successful pharma representative, you can consider other medical sales options to boost your chances to get climb the ladder of success.

What’s Not to Like about Pharma Sales Jobs:

Every profession has some drawbacks, which make the survival of the weak tough. Because of increased number of companies and pharma reps, there is a tough competition in the industry. Due to increasing population, there has also been increase in the number of patients and the increased competition among to doctors to see more patients in lesser time; doctors usually refuse to talk to the sales people. Pharma reps need to have patience while working in their territories and try to meet as many physicians as possible. The pharma reps have to spend a major amount of time waiting for the physicians.

Earlier, the pharma reps used to go out with doctors for high tea and dinners but the time has changed and there has been drop in such tactics by the pharma companies. Nowadays, the companies track the activities of the representatives more as they did in past. The launch of new technologies like GPS systems tracks the movements of the representative on a regular basis.

Career Path for Pharma Sales Representatives:

Pharma reps have great future ahead if they wish to move forward in new management roles. The experienced sales reps can further be promoted as a district or regional manager, or a Sales Head, furthermore, positions like Director and Vice President.

In addition, the pharma representatives can also look out for transfer among different departments and look after the launch of new drugs. Once you have entered the job of sales rep, be prepared to face the immense competition!

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