Impact of COVID on ICSE & ISC Board Exams

Impact of COVID on ICSE & ISC board exams in 2020, all these are tough and challenging times especially for students all around the world. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the COVID 19, or popularly known as the Corona Virus, all the educational institutions have been shut down until the virus infection situation subsides. The major effect of the educational institutions being shut is the students losing out on their valuable education.

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Although most of these institutions have taken up an initiative of conducting online classes, it is in no way as effective as the direct face to face method of teaching.

Impact on ICSE and ISC Exams

As per a notification released by the CISCE or Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, the ICSE Exam 2020 for the 10th standard and the ISC Exam 2020 for the 12th standard, has been postponed till further notice. This notification by the board also announces a decentralization of the evaluation process for the board examinations. The papers are to be checked by the evaluators complying with the instructions of the co-chief of the chief as well as exam coordinators.

As a silver lining, if any students of the ICSE and ISC board exams fail, they will be allowed to appear for a compartmental examination instead of the need of repeating the entire year.  In fact, the mark sheets will themselves bear the statement “eligible for compartmental exam.”This has been made clear in a statement on behalf of the Council for Indian School Certificate examination. Since its inception in 1958, this is the first-ever instance of such a step being taken for the students.

Impact on ICSE and ISC students enhance their skills?

Impact of COVID on ICSE & ISC, Impact of COVID on ICSE & ISC exams, Impact of COVID on ICSE & ISC Students, Impact of COVID on ISC 12th exams, Impact of COVID on ICSE exams 2020

Amidst all this chaos of online classes and assessments, the students from different boards and especially ISC and ICSE, are at a loss of what they can do to enhance their future and help them learn more. Apart from the regular online classes that the students have been attending, they should start enrolling themselves in different courses depending upon their ability to career goals. Since most of these courses are delivered online, it shall be easy for the students to study them and get certified. Since these courses have an examination at the end to test how well you have understood the course and only after clearing it, will you be granted your certificate?

Though this is a great option to boost your future even during this pandemic, a question still stands as to what about the board exams? It is a common fear amongst all the students as to when and how their final exams will be conducted. Well, to answer these questions is very improbable right now as the final statement from the boards regarding this is still awaited.

So the best advice to all the students during these difficult times is to stop worrying about the exams and focus on how to make use of this time productively and make the most out of it. The boards are student-friendly and will do only what is good for all. Improve your skills and spend time on learning to have better Impact of Corona on ICSE & ISC Exams.

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