IITs will collaborate with US universities for Joint PhDs

There is a latest news stuff for students that IITs (Indian Institute of technology) are going to collaborate with US universities to improve the profile status & luxury of there own Students.

This Fabulous Initiative is taken across by firstly IIT Madras, IIT madras director Bhaskar Ramamurthy & R Nagarajan (External Relation Dean) just informed In press note that they are going to ask US universities whether it is feasible for them to Collaborate with them for PhDs researches and even for the Doctorate Degree Purpose. for the good will of students from the countries.

IITs & US Universities Collaboration:-

 The News from the students corner is that as IITs are the most desirable & best Institute for students of India, also every year IITs produces the cream of best undergraduate Students in India , also whose students with stands the aboard Students head to head.

But due to some lack of concerns In there PhDs problems there are not achieving as much as they were thinking for. So, to resolve this problem for students of India they going to approach US universities for the Good will of students.

The Major problem with PhDs programs of India is After completing graduations most of students who are willing to go for PhDs are going Abroad for there doctorate(PhDs)…

So Finally after a long thought IIT Madras has taken the initiative to stick the Indian  Students within the country for there PhDs, By collaborate with US universities to take there PhD programs to a very Deep Level. Even US universities response is relatively good for the collaboration within Them.

Past Status of Collaborations with aboard Universities:-

Many of Indian Universities are having a Lot of collaborations with overseas Universities such an collaboration is very much familiar which is between IIT Madras & National University Of Singapore but have achieved so much with this program as only one student has just taken the benefit of this collaboration from past 6 years.

also, many Indian Universities and Institutes are having a collaboration with overseas Institutes & universities. but IITs are going to take it to the deeper level of education as they are in touch with almost 20 US universities for the collaboration purpose.

Name of top US universities willing for Collaboration :-

  1. Michigan State University

  2. Purdue University

  3. University of Maryland

& even more US universities are very much interested to collaborate join PhD program.

Shift For Joint Phd Program:-

Paradigm Shift is going on for IITs as  they are going to morph teaching institutes into top class Research Centers, for this purpose they have to concern more on there PhD students.

Most of IIT students after completing there graduate degree persuade towards the companies for jobs , only few of them are willing to take for PhDs. so, this is the 1st task for IIT faculty to increase the students of India for opting to PhDs for there Futures.

IITs are trying Hard to motivate students towards the PhD programs with this fabulous Initative & also having a thought process in there minds to stick Indian Students within our own country who used to go overseas for PhDs

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