How to Choose a College for Studying Masters in Fashion Communication?

Glamour is when Fashion and Mass Communication intertwines in a blessed union; it is then that a starry world of cameras, celebrities, and runways is painted before the public eye. The collective term – fashion communication – is a highly popular career choice today. The job of a fashion communication professional involves looking past all the glamour and conveying the right information to the audience; this requires professionals to find a fine balance between unbiased content creation and the mask of glamour.

The best way to learn the skills of the trade is to pursue a Master’s degree in fashion communication; however, this hinges on finding the right college – one that offers a comprehensive learning experience and gives students the wings to explore their innate creativity and talents. Here is a list of things to look out for a while choosing the right institute to pursue a Master’s degree in fashion communication.

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  1. Curriculum

The first thing to consider while looking for colleges for a Master’s degree in Fashion Communication should be the curriculum. Each of the domains of Fashion and Communication is vast in themselves; when put together, it not only opens up a wide range of avenues for aspirants but also adds to the list of skills that a professional needs to be successful. The curriculum of the Master’s degree that one opts for should do justice to this list of skill sets.

One of the top fashion communication colleges in India, which offers its students a holistic curriculum, covering all aspects of this area, is the PG in Fashion Communication Degree offered by Pearl Academy. This course curriculum is designed to prepare students for all job prospects within the fashion communication industry – print, broadcasting, new media, or public relations. The course includes fashion illustration, fashion writing, photography, typography, trends, layout design, styling, fashion films, event design, and fashion public relations.

  • Faculty

The faculty of the college that one opts for makes a lot of difference in the learning experience. Since fashion communication is a practical field, the faculty should consist of several industry experts from as many verticals as possible. Thus, when checking the faculty of any college, two aspects to consider are diversity and experience. Diversity in terms of different verticals will ensure that students get a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Other things to look for can be the list of visiting professors and if the college has any exchange programs with other institutes. The basic rule-of-thumb is this – a solid faculty equals richer learning experiences for students. 

  • Practical Experience

Aspirants should ensure that the college they opt for provides hands-on experience in fashion communication. While theoretical education is essential for learning the technicalities of the industry, without practical experience, students will be clueless as to how to apply the knowledge gained. Students learn their best via different collaborative projects and workshops wherein they will get the opportunity to work with diverse kinds of individuals and under-experienced professors.

  • Placements

The motive of an aspirant to join a course is to ultimately get to their goals – this goal can be working with a broadcasting company, fashion magazine, or with an e-commerce clothing company. The candidate must ensure that the college has a reasonable placement rate and that the organizations where the candidate would like to work after the Master’s degree come for placement drives. There is no dearth of colleges offering Master’s in fashion communication in India, but a careful choice must be made based on career prospects and the candidate’s unique aspirations and expectations from the institute.

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