CBSE Exams 2018 with Open Book Test Guidelines

CBSE Exams 2018  Open Book Test Guidelines has been announced by CBSE (central Board of Secondary Education) with Open Book test from the same year. so, Students and teachers will have to prepare for this long awaited Exams followed this year. CBSE also grants extra minutes for students attempting/appearing in this exam, Also text material for exam will be given to students in advance.

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This is a trending approach from CBSE Board to evaluate Students Skills in various Topics of theoretical & analytical . This is also an initiative to encourage students to start having a fair distance from cram or from rote memorization.

Guidelines for CBSE exams 2018:-

Board has decided to allocate almost 15 to 20 % weightage to total marks in every subjects questions based on textual syllabus. This Open book test will be applicable to these subjects:-

  • This will start from Class 9th subjects
  • Class 11th subjects of Biology , Economics and Geography .

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Syllabus of Text material will be based on these concepts :-

  1. Case Study
  2. Articles
  3. Diagrams
  4. solutions or Problems

These Topics will be provided to students in the month of December so that they can have enough preparations before the Annual exams in month of March 2018.

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First reactions coming from teachers and schools are quite balanced , as some thought it will change the previous criteria of studies and promotes students to go for the basics concepts with deep knowledge where as some of other thought are quite opposite , they are thinking about the amount of sweat they have to spend more on these guidelines or Tests by preparing students for both of them whether it is theoretical or with Analytics.

Teachers are now have to encourage students more and more for getting them through to this Open Book Tests and more n more participation in discussions.

Where as various experts also said allot about this innovative through form CSBE , they feel that this type of initiative will surely reduce a lot of burden from students head as they now can be able to improve there skills well and anticipate to new technology well.

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