Good News : CBSE Schools will be graded Soon

CBSE Schools will be Graded and rating status to be made as per there academics, overall Results, Co-curricular activities, Sports, Infrastructure and last & most important term is according to there Teaching Staff. This new initiative from CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) will make many parents smile as now they can easily choose best schools accredited with CBSE board for there Children best and Bright Future.

On the Better part where it has given a choosing facility to Parents increasing there Comfort and Confidence and also the First Reaction out of there mouth is just  “Wowww…Is it really gonna happen” as they can now opt for best school but also on the worst part it will increase School managements headache and making them nervous with each next step proceeding.

CBSE Schools will be graded Soon:-

CBSE has just declared that they will do grading of there schools very soon and on the basis of that they will rate there number according to there regions. This is really an very innovative thinking from CBSE but this also Hikes the School management work process and headache as they are not expecting it as soon as CBSE has declared.

Schools will now face the taste of competition with there own native schools due to which most of schools are not taking it as a good step as they are thinking that this will increase unknown buzz of any Schools and increase teachers and students pressure for performing well.

Merits or Demerits of this Step:-

Merits and Demerits of this step is very obvious as many of schools are not liking it but more over on the merit Parents of students are very happy with the step as they don’t need to ask any third person about the schools status and performances. As if Grading will be alive it will definitely going to create controversy

but as a students point of view they will definitely feel the proud of studying in good school and with best facilities and faculty of teachers. As of every new thing, This innovative Idea too have its shared piece of merits and Demerits.

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