Future Jobs After Studies In Industries & computers

Future Jobs After Studies for students based on computer knowledge and various other online and offline knowledge about today’s Trend. May be future jobs will not reliable much on Technical or theoretical Knowledge. Today’s job market is one filled with rapidly changing technology and an emphasis on the future. While there are many fast-growing jobs that do not require technical skills, the trend is toward jobs that will require the ability to use computers, smart phones and more to accomplish tasks.


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Some of the fastest-growing jobs of the future are in health care. Nurses, medical technicians and physician assistants are just some of the jobs that will experience rapid growth as the population ages and more people need medical care. People training for these careers spend much of their time in clinical lab work, using premium grade student microscopes to look at various cells and germs and gain a better understanding of diseases.


Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers are also some of the futuristic jobs that are making their way into people’s lives today. Unheard of just a few years ago, many major corporations such as Ford Motor Company have an entire staff of workers devoted to social media departments, with some rising to such high positions as Director or Vice President of Social Media. These people are responsible for managing a company’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies use these platforms to launch new products, market them to the public and receive input from consumers about products and services. The SEC recently announced that companies can use social media to announce key information. This change is sure to lead to even more growth in social media.


Biotechnology Engineer

Biotechnology Engineers are also jobs that will continue to grow in the future. These scientists use premium grade student microscopes while in college to learn about human anatomy and physiology, learning about human organs and how their cells can be used to grow new organs to replace failing ones. Some scientists believe that technology is progressing to the point that someday engineers will be able to grow new hearts, kidneys, livers and other body parts to replace ailing ones.


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Robotics is another field showing explosive growth, and robotics engineers will be in high demand in the future. One area this field is involved with is human prosthetics. Engineers are working on ways to link prosthetics to people’s brains, letting people send their thoughts to the device in order to make it work more like the real thing. This can be particularly beneficial to war veterans who lose limbs while in combat.


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Many of these jobs sound like the work of science fiction, but are instead becoming part of everyday reality. With these rapid advances in technology, it’s exciting to ponder what the future will hold.

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