Fly With Airline Jobs…??


All of us often think of flying in air, but most of we., let it be just an dream never think to achieve Or live to that dream. but now every 1 of us can fly in air by right direction towards it., which is AIRLINES JOBS.


Airlines offers various types jobs which are:-


  1. Flight attendants.
  2. Pilots and Navigators
  3. Reservation sales Agents
  4. Airlines Ticket agents
  5. Flight dispatchers
  6. Aircraft mechanics
  7. Security Officers


  • Flight Attendant is basically deals with the requirement of an passenger in normal situation as well as in emergency during the flight in progress. They are the most necessary and important part of any airlines. For any Requirement and Query of seats and meals passenger is totally dependent on Attendants. It basically involves Air Hostess into it for passengers good will.
  • PILOTS are drivers of planes as they drives a plane to one place to  passengers destinations place. pilots are backbone of flights as without them no 1 can even think of traveling in them…. so airlines companies hire the pilots who has licence and having minimum amount of flight time experience. pilots have the responsibility to takeoff and land safely for all the passenger whose travelling in that plane.

whereas NAVIGATOR operates on radio and wireless terminals for viewing right direction to all plane  travelling at there routes. They also handles all the navigation equipment and they have the responsibility of plotting all the data whether it is speed, distance or altitude to assist the pilot during flight.

  • The Reservation Sale Agents are generally works as E-ticketing in As they sell seats to customers at the comfort in there houses through phones and Internet of various commercial sites. they provide all the latest info of seats, planes etc to the customers.


  • Airlines tickets Agents also known as passenger service ticket. which works at departure counters. They provide  prepared ticket  and sell review them. They compute fares, provide boarding passes and provide latest info about tickets on counters.
  • Flight safely is only depended upon Flight Dispatchers and organize flight Information. They provide an latest flow chart of Destination schedules,Total distance, Expected fuel use, navigation information, weather  forecasts, and alternative destination.



  • Aircraft mechanics maintains aircraft on the ground. They Investigate any mechanical trouble in the plane and performs daily routines maintenance and safety checker. they investigate all the engines, wings and all the mechanical tools of it.


  • Security responsibility is all dependent upon Security Officers, which check all the luggage carried by passengers and there passports, visas, tickets and boarding passes. They are employed by airlines or by airports. Which has responsibility of checking and undertaking all the passengers under laws and regulations of an Country.

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