Features of Electronics Engineering!!

Electronic engineering are basically base upon the functions of active electrical components i..e., electrical tubes , electron tubes , semiconductor Devices also component such as diodes , circuits as well as transistors. which sum up to gave an result of Integrated circuits, devices and systems.

This field are basically an container which contain many functions like Digital and Analog electronics, power Electronics and embedded electronics.

Electronic Info:-

The basic work out for engineers in the field of electronics are with designing of circuits. They typically deals within the volts from 0 volt to 12 volts. These designed circuits are implemented with electromagnetic properties of components like Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors also diodes and transistors.

For the purpose of basic design of circuits an engineer have to made its schematics diagram for circuit with particular description of component which are used in it.

Then, Engineers perform that on breadboards to Initialize there circuits practically that how they work actually on the final CCB ( control circuit board) And in between them they try that circuits again on PCB(printed circuit boards) to finalize the circuit joins  they are going to made with the help of Soldering.

so , CCB( control Circuit board) is copper coated board which are results in passage of electrical field within the circuit.

Electronic Assistant or Sub-Fields:-

  1. Signal engineering
  2. Telecommunication  engineering
  3. Computer  engineering
  4. Control  engineering
  5. Instrument  engineering


Signal are of two types generally :-

  • Analog Signals:- For processing amplification and filtering involoved
  • Digital Signals:- For processing error detection & checking also compression involved


It mainly deals with manipulation and analysis of signals.

Telecommunication :-

It  mainly Deals with information transmission from one place to other with the help of co-axial cables or Optical fibers.

In this modulation is required which is information encoded in carrier waves which order to transfer it in particular frequency. so Telecommunication engineer designs transmitter as well as receiver to communicate with data through an channel.

Computer  engineering:-

They mainly deals with design of computers and its components also design new hardware and development of embedded  systems.

Control  engineering:-

It has wide range for many applications like in airlines as well as in cruise parties and tours. basically it relates to flights.

It also have an important role in industrialization and industry automation.

Instrument  engineering:-

It mainly deals with productions of instrument to measure to design many physical quantities like temperature, Pressure, an flow of anything. which are require an deep knowledge about physics to design an Instrument to extend that beyond electromagnetic theory.

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