Features & Characteristics of Civil Engineering!!

Civil as name suggested to us completely dedicated towards our civilization good will including various construction , maintenance &   to build roads , highways, buildings, Dams & many more.

Civil Engineering is considered as the most eligible professional course that is complete deals with with workout of Design & construction for public or individual uses.

It can also referred as the engineer workout which can able to even turn the directions of rivers & oceans by building dams & Flyovers over them so that to gave an better infrastructure to the public which they can praise the civil engineers work for the centuries of years.

Info For Civil Engineering:-

Civil engineering can also be possessed in academic degree or graduation where in some countries it is awarded by a Bachelor of technology degree after  4 year course in the civil. In some of countries Civil has provided to students also by  bachelor of Science degree.

Subject which with civil deals :-

  1. Physics

  2. Project management

  3. mathematics

  4. Designing (cad-cam, auto-cad)

  5. Many more specified subjects regarding civil

Civil is only responsible for constructing new landmarks in development of any countries economic & living status of there public has been raised above.

Career in Civil:-

Being an civil engineer is it self is an huge task to follow as there is no typical way to get rid of things in this field. An fresher who have just entered in to this professionally can only able to workout at a very low level in the initial time period of his/her career.

In many companies they appoint freshers only for the workout of observing 7 monitoring the work that it is going on smoothly and without problem in the construction.

As per fresher engineer gained experience and can understand the workout more accurately then  precisely he/she will be able to do more complexed work in the field of construction & design.

Sub-Field & Applications of Civil:-

  • Material Science engineering

  • Construction engineering

  • Coastal engineering 

  • Environment engineering

  • Earthquake engineering


 These all fields help to study more n more and also deeply about Civil Engineering so , as we study about materials and constructions the thing cameout to our mind is the structure of :-

  • Bridges,
  • buidlings
  • Roads
  • Dams
  • Flyovers
  • Highways connecting countries and states
  • mega stuructures like tunnels etc

Many more structures are builded by civil engineers for the better convince of public and an countries infrastructure and development.

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