Canceled: Exams for CBSE 10, 11 & 12 students due to COVID

According to the latest update, CBSE Exams which were supposed to commence from July 1st till 18 are canceled indefinitely and may not happen. This is a huge update came from CBSE for all the pending exams of10th, 11th & 12th CBSE students whose final & board exams got canceled due to COVID breakdown & as a horrific lockdown impact in India. We recommend students to stay strong amid all these crises and we shall overcome this soon.

Exam Updates for CBSE students

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The annual educational program has been thrown out of the table due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With more than 18,000 cases of the novel (COVID -19) coronavirus in India, the entire country is in lockdown mode. In the last few days, our honorable Prime Minister has extended the Lockdown till May 3, 2020. Because of this, now all educational institutions i.e., schools, colleges, universities, etc. will be closed till May 3, 2020.

While the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided not to accomplish the remaining examinations due to the status of COVID-19 in the nation, the Class 10 students are breathing a sigh of relief. But there remains uncertainty for the class 12th board exams.

CBSE has decided to manage examinations for them in 12 major subjects. These include papers of all streams.

At present, no dates have been announced for such exams. However, the Lockdown is a vital need right now to stop the spread of the COVID -19 in the entire nation. But, this will lead to several problems for the 2020-21 educational years.

CBSE has also made many changes by reducing the curriculum for the 2020-21 educational years.

Here are the significant updates from CBSE for the students, teachers, parents, & schools.

  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is considering rationalizing the course for classes 9 to 12 for the next academic year to cover up for lost time due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The board is currently in the way of judging the situation in addition to the loss, and a decision in this regard will be taken accordingly. Many schools were conducting teaching & learning activities online, but there were no consistent guidelines for the purpose before the calendar was announced.         

Authorities confirm that nothing has been cleared yet about the CBSE Board exam dates

Exam updates for CBSE students, CBSE students during COVID Lockdown, Updates for CBSE Students during COVID19, COVID impact on CBSE Students, COVID19

A CBSE officer has announced that no conclusion regarding the next board examination dates has been taken yet. They are making a plan to confirm the dates of the new examinations as soon as possible for the ease of students & teachers.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown estimate of the exam booklet had also been delayed. There are many subject examinations left for both class 10 and 12 scholars. Before the COVID-19 spread in India, board examinations had to be postponed in the Northeast Delhi area due to the fierce riots that broke out in March 2020.

Know about the new academic calendar by NCERT The upcoming NCERT educational calendar contains all subjects from classes 1 to 12th & also provisions for children who need special care or divyang kids. The substitute calendar provided by NCERT has weekly actions regarding theme & chapter to keep children engaged throughout the COVID-19 lockdown new NCERT calendar also provides a strategy for teachers on how to use different technological & social media tools.

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