Confused Between Electrical and Electronics. Check This??

SO here I  m with bunch of new knowledge gaining articles for many of us.

Electrical and electronics are seemed to be very much similar in first look as there names are very much similar to each other. but basically there are the faces of same coin. also they are very much different from each other having a lot unique features in both of them.

Basic INFO for both:-

The Basic difference between them is that:-

Electrical is the result of electricity or we can say that it is operated or ruled by electricity completely.

Also It has those circuits which are used for transfer and manipulation energy in various forms.


Electronics is implementation of it various components or simply it is the development of science towards technology.

Also It is implementation or application of systems & device in which flow of charges are involved in it with circuits having energy in the form of signals.. also manipulation are involved in it for signals.

Other Important Differences:-


Electronics basically deals with electricity at a very low value which is 0 to 12 volts and also called as branch of low voltages.

Electronics is mainly a branch of Science and technology which is based upon study of charges motions and there flows. flow of charges are results in form of current , those charges are such as electrons, which are the basic workout of electrical.

which is used for the purpose of controlling applications and also designing them at a low power cost. It can also handle communications or information.


Electricity is also known as mother of electronics as electronic implementation are due to electrical workouts and for the electrical uses are implemented basically.

It mainly deals with the voltage greater then 12 volts up to infinite value of current and voltages. electrical is used for the purpose of households electricity so that we can use electricity produced by big dams and power plants direct to our homes with the help of electrical workouts.

so, In simple electrical is used for instrumental power productions. which operates on AC current( Alternative Current).

Examples For Both:-


Electronics have many implementation or application in our daily life such as In that  things or tools or utensils which we used in our daily routine very often which is:-

Mainly there workout leads with the help of Diodes, Semiconductors, alloys and super conductors .

Applications in :-

Televisions, VCR, Radios, CD & DVD Player, Computer, LCDs & LEDs etc.


Electrical have many Implementations in various sections and fields which help in for transfer of energy or electricity. these devices are very huge in size as compare to Electronics Eg  :-

Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors, Switches,Diodes and Transistors.

Applications in:-

Dams, Transformers, power plants, Motors, Generators,  circuit breakers,wires, magnets, and copper.

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