Crack CBSE Board exams Here!!

CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education for all all India schools education which comes under control of our central government whose main motive is to provide education to each n every student. with as least fee as possible so. So that every parents afford to support there child study in every possible way..

Board exams are taken for two classes in CBSE board which are 10th and 12th classes respectively.

There are some basic steps to follow to be successive in board exams which are :-

  1. Stay confident throughout

  2. Be yourself and be nervous

  3. Don’t be Tensed have Fun

  4. Stick to basics


  • Stay confident throughout:-

Have confidence on yourself and don’t be worry about the exams and there respective results. Be confident on what have you study and don’t be panic during preparations for exams and also during exam time. Results doesn’t depend on how much you have studied it generally only dependent upon how much you understand that so that even manipulative question can’t able to make you under confidence.

  • Be yourself and be nervous:-

Be yourself always as it is your toughest test which will show your character within your classmates and within teachers and parents. your all competitors will try to change your tricks and schedule for studying in exam time. They will tell your there own important question queries and also told you to study that but you just stick to your own tricks and tactics and not follow any of them.even this happens at the last moment of exam.

  • Don’t be Tensed have Fun:-

The other most important thing to do is to chill out not to be tensed and have fun with friends and also watch TV during the break you taken between studies. Stay connected to all your family and friends these spent time will boost you up further towards your goal and gave you much more energy to study well.

  • Stick to basics:-

Always stick to your basics and don’t try do anything any new and be strategic. Also pen selection matters a lot during exam time stick to the same pen you are using during your preparation.

Some Basic Tips to follow on the exam day:-

  • Be punctual:- on the day of exam be punctual for exam center so get up early in the morning and sleep at the right time in night.
  • Gave sufficient Time to all questions and don’t waste time on an particular question whose answer you don’t kw exactly.
  • Diagrams:- Draw all diagrams neatly and cleanly so that the examiner understand your whole answer through diagrams.
  • Mark important :- Mark all the important points or underline them with pencils so that examiner attract towards that automatically.
  • Attempt almost all question don’t left any question untouched. this will improve merit.
  • Draw and separate section for all the mathematics operations and calculation. never include calculation part in answers.

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