CNA Programs in Illinois Chicago for Building CNA Career in US

CNA Programs in Illinois Chicago for students to Become a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant offers some varied and outstanding career opportunities to graduates who wish to operate in the health care sector in US (united States). Though the CNA training program is short in duration it provides many in-demand and useful skills required for the job. All over the nation there is a very high demand of nursing assistants, and the shortages remain in several areas, leading to higher wages for qualified CNAs.

CNA Programs in Illinois Chicago:-

It has been estimated that the job opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants will rise by greater rates higher than the average of any other professions. CNA schools in Chicago Illinois offer professional training and job skills required to take next step in a rewarding and exciting career.

In Chicago, to become a Certified Nursing Assistant you must join a program that is accredited by the Illinois State Health Department. Typically the training programs last for 120 hours: 50 hours of clinical hands-on training and 80 hours of classroom studies. Once the program is completed, you need to take and pass the certification exam to acquire license or certification. A minimum of completion of the 8th grade is required to enroll in a CNA training program in Illinois. He/she should also pass the physical exam and criminal background check, and must also pass the pre-screening test before getting admission to such programs.


Some training programs may even require students to have basic skills in internet research and word processing. Typically the coursework of CNA training programs include introduction to basic nursing, mental health issues, communication skills, infection control, emergency actions, patient care, body mechanics, anatomy, and physiology.


Medical facilities, hospitals, vocational or technical schools, and community colleges provide nursing assistant training programs at an affordable rate. Normally, these programs can be completed for $400 to $800. Red Cross CNA Program is also available in Chicago. Refunding and scholarships programs are also provided to qualified students.


It is compulsory for prospective CNAs to clear the written competency test in Chicago, Illinois. The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale administers this test which is conducted online. Results of this test are transferred to the State Nurse Aide Registry and it offers licenses to the students who have passed the examination.

Once the certification is earned CNAs can enjoy an array of employment opportunities. Students having interest in behavioral and development health or mental health will get lots of opportunities to work in residential, community and long term care facilities. Home health care positions are also being popular among nursing assistants these days. It is also a great way for CNAs to obtain real-life experience and make a great living.


Certified Nursing Assistants in Illinois earn the average salary of $31,000 annually. More experienced CNAs with specialized skills and training earn considerably higher salaries and benefits. They work with challenging people in developmental, behavioral and mental services. So, if you are interested in the health care sector, then there is no other entry-level profession better than this. It is definitely one of the rewarding and satisfying career options.


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