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Commerce …..,,, when this word comes to our mind only one one thing strikes and that is marketing, trading and various business. Many millionaires and billionaires images and frames start roaming around all over in our mind.

This is the most popular trade as well as most earning with many mind games are involved in this Trade sitting in our home comfort .  After 10th , students can be able to start learning  tricks of business and trading of major markets.

There are various levels of learning Commerce:-

  • Opting for commerce stream after 10th

  • Opting for graduation

  • Complementary Courses in graduation

  • Opting for Pg courses

Opting for commerce Stream:-

Commerce Stream is the most popular for its mind games various Career opportunity and career buildings ability for many students who can think belong everyone’s reach. For commerce to opt as an career option a students have to select it as an main steam after 10th level. the various learning basic tricks starts from school level where everyone has to be attentive for learning business and marketing basics.

An student after 10th level have to play with graphs, tables and very much brain hammering  calculations. Basic Market knowledge is provided to you by accounts, economics, business skill subjects during your schooling. students have to use there mind beyond an common man’s mind set.

Opting For Graduation:-

After School level the main commerce course has been begin with his simply Bachelor of Commerce and refereed to as Main graduation course after high school(+2). has two basic levels students have to choose one of them for there career structure. i..e..,

Bachelor of Commerce(  And also Bachelor of Commerce (hons):-

Both are 3 year graduation Courses with various learning programs and subjects involving into it. which are as follows:-

  1. Accounting

  2. Finance

  3. Statistics

  4. economics

  5. E-commerce

Provided by full fledged knowledge About marketing and business levels to students of U G colleges in both courses.


Complementary Courses in graduation:-

Complementary courses in commerce are resembles towards various business sideline courses which also as  have full Scope as in  any other courses in commerce. This can be opted by students straight after there high school studies(+2).

Various complementary courses are as follows:-

  1. CA (Charter Accounting)

  2. CWA

  3. MBA (finance)

  4. CFA

Opting for Pg courses:-

Pg Courses generally involves an wide area for Business , Finance and various Marketing learning skills. After A student get graduated he/she now be able to opt for Post Graduation Courses in Commerce stream. Pg courses are opted for full fledged knowledge for our career options and also for improving our skills in worldwide levels.

Courses involved in Pg (post graduation) are as follows:-

  1. M.Com(Master of Commerce)
  2. MBA(Master OF Business Administration)
  3. MIB(Master’s in International Business
  4. MHROD(MASTER’s in Human Resource and Organization Development

LAST courses are basically developed by Delhi School of Commerce.. which are now followed by Many Commerce Institutes.




Career For Commerce Students exists :-

Banking Sector

Multinational Business Companies

Financial Institutes

Outsourcing in Various Firms

CA Firms

Insurance Companies

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