Career for Students In MCA

MCA is basically deals with Information technology as well as computer various worldwide application which are created and maintained by these field peoples or employees.


MCA refers to Master of Computer Applications which is an post graduation courses getting students straight towards there goals in life as  students of these field has a very big demand for appointing them in companies as more qualified employees are required by all companies whether it is in India or Aboard.

This course also lead towards and well payed salary job including  life style and respect in society or social status is also very much high for them. The salary package gained by employee with MCA has is almost double for any profession employee get from any company.


MCA is three year regular course including 6 semesters which leads students toward multinational companies both in India as well as in Aboard,

subjects which are studied in within this course is :-

  • software development

  • designing

  • networks

  • accounting

  • finance

  • programming etc,

Skills required:-

A phase between for software engineering and applications are created by IT (information technology). A new programs are required so that all the enterprises can be connected jointly further planning also done for enterprise resources. so here required an active mindset of individual to crop with problems and which can do good for his company time to time.

An Individual has to workout effectively all through and also with max efficiency . study for MCA is totally based upon computer applications and also E-business and financial skills building programs . basically how to implement for skills are studied in this course.


Other important Skills are as follows:-

  • Computer Skills

  • Human Skills

  • Management Skills

Computer Skills:-

As name of this suggests it is totally dedicated to computer applications & software and hardware. bunch of emphasis are there for programs design, development and business software planning are there in it.

Human Skills:-

An company can be grow if its employees can communicates with each n everyone easily and to its client as well. even if peoples are excellent in his paper work or computers practicals if he/she couldn’t able to explain it properly all his/her hard work will go in vain as consumer can never get familiar with it easily.

Management Skills:-

Basic thing required in all field is man power management and decision making power for queries and to solve problems as early as possible. so management is now building up an most important for all companies.

JOB structures:-

job scope for MCA students is very bright as demand for post graduate or more qualified students is very high all over the world. multinational companies are also wants to appoint as much post graduate students as possible so there company will be touched all the milestones.

basic jobs are in software engineering, programmer, network engineer employee, consultant for software and hardware, database management, Test engineer, system analyst.

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