Career For Students In!! is basically done by students after +2 in commerce, so as Its name suggested to us it based upon business administration and economy matters. which will lead students towards business Career For Students In!! or field in multiple companies.

So as B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce which as above suggested in only dependent upon Business structures and its skills. economy structures are defined and summaries by this course.

Why B.Com :-

It is the graduation course which will straight take us towards the basic structure of business administration and helps getting skills to tackle with business problems. companies admires to take up an students which will tackle all problems on its tips. So, only won’t able to reach out there so majority of students does go for more pg courses or correspondence with like CA(charter accountant).

After B.Com:-

There is may plenty of option for students going further with business field which are as follows:-

  1. doing MBA
  2. M.Com
  3. CA
  • Doing MBA as PG course after B.Com

After being graduate with B.Com, students can apply for pg course for more qualification in there trade, including company managements and various economy purposes are solved doing MBA… For that purpose MBA is considered as the best Post graduation courses which is an full time 2 year course. students can be done it via IIMs or Non-IIMs coleges or institutes. IIMs are  the top level Institutes for Indian students pronounced as Indian Institute for Management.

This is possibly the best institute for being post graduate with, by appearing in CAT entrance exam for it. which is conducted every year for students admission in these colleges.

  •  Doing M.Com

After Being graduate one can also opt for M.Com which is Master Of Commerce which will take you further deep into the Business administration and deep skills for various broking, marketing as well as basic commerce workout are taken care by this PG Course.

  • Doing CA(Charter Accountant)

CA is very much an Plus course for all in this commerce field CA is very much better then doing two odd course like And MBA.

CA is done in Two trades which are as follows:-

  1. Accounting
  2. Taxation

Accounting is where as much easier then Taxation as very much logic and human brain logical thinking is involved in it. which is much easier for an student to cop up with where in CA IS called as toughest of all as a students have to cram almost each word of it which is very much painstaking and revolve your mind all around.

JOB After Doing

An graduate can get job in various companies of Private sectors like:-

Financial Services






ITES etc

After promotion they can be able to become:-

  • Cluster Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior executive sales
  • Cluster Head

JOB for Students in Government Sector are following:-

Government Banking sector 

Account Assistant

Tax Assistant

Combined Metric level

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