Career for students in B.C.A!!

An typical Computer line which offers complete knowledge about computer languages, computers various applications  and also computer professionals building capability are offered by B.C.A which is simply Bachelor in  Computer Applications. Computer are now an basic integral part of our day to day life which offers to solve out and reduce our work which given us huge to time to spend on other important activities.

With a start of new day the need for professional’s in computers are increasing rapidly which results in Increase of students in colleges for study of this course. This is also important for market point of view because they needed employees which are masters in computer applications that will be very much help full for them due to vigorous work have to be done by these employees on computers daily. market is an sea of computer applications almost each field requires an computer professional within them.

Various Merits in Career for B.C.A:-

  • Reasonable High Salary

  • Overseas demands for Computer Professionals

  • Various IT Applications

  • Short Period Course

Reasonable High Salary:-

Students of this courses get an reasonable high salary which will lead them to live an life according to there own ways of expense.  So in that way there is an more than fare chance for every employees to get an high salary for there services in respected company. There is no such issue for salary problem in this trade of work.

Overseas demands for Computer Professionals:-

As discussed above computer applications are now important and necessary for all types of works. Needs for computer professional are increasing so rapidly for all countries markets. So as a result employees of computer application have overseas demand. which will lead them to be in an pleasant life with secured Future.

Various IT Applications:-

B.C.A has two different career lines which  are Computer Science and Information technology. In IT line there is vast scope in various communication networks like data transfer which will lead to gather knowledge about various information and electronic communications. it create an emphasis for all languages and applications.

Short Period Course:-

B.C.A is an three year course in India. which is simple an short termed as compared to other courses like B.Tech or M.B.A. It has Six semesters including two per year and include various practical aspects of both streams within it which are computer sciences and information technology.

 Various Subject in B.C.A:-

  1. Business Statistics

  2. Business Communications

  3. Micro And Macro Economics

  4. Computers Applications.

  5. Information Technology

  6. Management

  7. And many more computer network related

Required Skills:-

As I have discussed above Skills are related to query solving power of an person as quickly as possible so that in B.C.A offered to streams within itself which are:-

  1. Computer Science

  2. Information technology

Computer science  involves dealing with design of graphics of applications and there development  also includes computer testing and integration.

further students have to apply there mind in Study for mathematics , electrical and electronic theory for applications and various programming fundamentals.

Information Technology is basically deals with the study of various applications and usages of computers. It also involves distribution of information and electronic and various communication processes

A students or employee should have an vast knowledge of practical aspects for all the applications used today also to have a sharp view on upcoming apps.

JOBS in B.C.A:-

Career structure for B.C.A student is very vast as an computer profession should be meet with all the demands of Market or various companies of all computers networking and apps. Its usage is now everywhere in our day to day life starts in our homes to market.

Scopes are very vast as all operations are included starts from scientific operations to aerospace to technology leads to business and medical line and also defence purposes.

Career will be starts as Test engineers leads to software engineer and programmer, Including network engineer and consultant within them.

Further Study(Pg Courses):-

An Students can also do M.C.A( master in computer applications) and also M.B.A(Master Of Business administration) by appearing entrance exams by colleges and institutes regarding there courses , which will lead them to have an higher knowledge and status in companies. which will results in considering you as an senior in our respected organization.

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