10 Top Tip for writing Attractive Resume for Everyone

10 Tips for writing attractive resume so that you became 1st choice of the company to whom you are going to apply. For job in good and well known company it is more than necessary for any one to create an good , attractive as well as understandable for for everyone who is going to read it out.

For any help regarding creating an attractive resume or CV this tips going to be very handy so, checkout n make most out of it.

10 Tips for writing attractive resume are:-

  • Font selection should be simple

Everyone should note this before writing resume that the Resume you are going to read should be easy for everyone to read whether reader may be of any company employee,interviewer or your friend or anyone who is looking to gain some tips from you to write resume for his own.

  • Contact Info should be clear and neat


The most important content in any Resume is the section of contact where you write your contacts and with the help of those contact they get in touch with you , n also call you for further steps of getting an job in the company.

The main contact should be written in bold , clear and should  be in capital letters. main contact should be include these items:-

  1. Your full name 
  2. your complete address including mainly streets address
  3. your home city
  4. state 
  5. zip or Pin-code 
  6. Your contact phone number
  7. Email address
  • Keywords should be must in Resume


Keyword are the key to success in any interview Resume or CV as there differentiate your Resume aside and at the top of  all the Other Resume submitted by other applicants to same company.

You should understand firstly where to place these Keyword in the your Resume these places are:-

  1. You should include or insert one keyword to your cover Letter
  2. also, Insert one in your description also
  • Consider Resume Format Well


Format is pretty much important for any Resume as it delivers the basic to all the who get into the that Resume. You should take a while to think about your own circumstances to build the resume in Right format whether you are going to write it as Targeted , chronological or Functional Resume which will suit you more this your personality well.

  • Everyone Should write Custom Resume

The effort in writing an Custom Resume may more painstaking but It will be provide you an defined and attraction factor for company employees who’s going to call up on you for job.

Your perfect match company where you desiring for job will easily get attracted and interested in your Resume viewing it only just once.

  • Write priorities in Resume

Resume should be filled with priorities so that the important terms such as your Experience , Interests and your thing which could benefit the company i..e..,your priorities get more effect on the reader of company employee which can easily get you in Merit.

  • Attach your Objective to Resume

If any applicant is going to include Objective in Resume he/she should attach this objective well to the Resume so, that It match the priorities of the company for that particular job. You should be very much specify in your Resume so that they will  be able to know to better that how can selection of you be very much handy for the company.

  • Twist Your Resume well 

For bring your resume out of bunch of packs of other Resumes you should twist and tweak your Resume  well .

Your Resume should be appeared more professional so, that they can understand how much serious and clear you are in mind for this particular job.

  • Usage of templates in Resume

Usage of templates in resume may come out as very handy for getting in job so that you should add up your personal description and experience and many other important terms in that Resume Templates.

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  • Email Resume after completion

you must understand the terms and conditions of company to whom you are going to submit your Resume before sending to them through Email.

Whether they require your resume in MS word file or PDF file or any other format you should send your resume according to that.

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